UNO 1.5 Unleashed!
Saturday, 24 March 2007

To celebrate the maturity of our beloved "Cat" (Tiger 10.4.9!) we present you a completely new UNO!

UNO 1.5 Screenshot

 This is a total rewrite of UNO, featuring a brand new UI and a ton of new GUI options.
Some annoying glitches like the "long-standing" QuickTime bottom corners problem is finally fixed.
A complete new set of beautifully crafted skins for iTunes (ver. 7.1 and later) including UNO Blue; UNO Graphite; UNO Shade Blue and UNO Shade Graphite are now at your disposal. - Courtesy of Gerrit Vanoppen (

This build brings coherency to the Blue/Graphite duality of Mac OS X GUI.

Try this before installing the new UNO:
Go to System Preferences and select Graphite in the Appearance panel. Now open the Finder and select a item in the sidebar - What? It remains Blue?
Go to Users pane in SysPref and select a User - Correct, it remains Blue.
Now open Safari and click a toolbar button - You're right, it remains Blue also..
And the list goes on..

Tried it? Find it annoying?
Fear not! UNO is here to fix Mac OS X inconsistencies and now it fixes this one too.

A big thanks to Gerrit for all the application skins included on this build and for the outstanding support to this project!


Due to the big change log of this version it is mandatory that you read it all (please click Read More)


UNO 1.5 change log:

UNO Installer:
• Complete rewrite of UNO.
• New UNO installer with animated window size transitions (á lá System Preferences), window transparency fade in/out, revamped customize installation panel and live preview (more comfortable windows preview size), new progress indicators and bezel messages.
• Added the ability to browse to applications path if Preview, QuickTime, Safari, iTunes or Mail aren't found at the default location (Applications folder).
• Better error handling: If User cancels browsing to "not found" apps path, or if User points to the wrong app, or if iTunes version is not supported or only partially supported, the options for that app will appear as disabled in the customize installation panel. Also, a little yellow warning badge will appear next to that app options (mouse over the warning badge to get a tooltip info on the problem, click the badge to solve the problem).
• If found iTunes version is 6, UNO Graphite, UNO Shade Blue and UNO Shade Graphite options will be disabled in the popup selector.
• Improved safety: UNO double checks file integrity before install/uninstall. MD5 and CRC32 key values are now verified. If corrupt files are found UNO warns the User and quits without making any change.
• Disabled installation on Leopard (10.5). Even if it was reported as working with the latest developer preview builds, because Leopard should go Gold shortly and with all the rumors of a new GUI, this seems the right thing to do.
• Added a warning if Backup is not found when User tries to "Restore from Backup".
• Added "Restore from Backup" toolbar item (was only available from the main menu on previous versions).
• Updated "guifix" to handle the new files.
• For enhanced reliability "guifix" only handles the restoration of crucial system files (application skins must be restored by UNO app).
• Added "UNO FAQs" and "Visit" menu items to the "Help" menu.
• Added button linking to to the main window's bottom corner.
• Added "Donate" button to the "Info" panel.
• UNO window is now always centered on the screen at launch.
• UNO doesn't quit iTunes before install anymore.
• Redone UNO icon from a hi-res 32 bits 512x512 matrix.
• New UNO dmg package with link to "Applications"  folder for easy install and link to UNO FAQs.
• Better file handle algorithms.
• Random slogans.
• UNO installer UI is now a single NIB.
• Added Russian localization - by Mikhail Fedoseev.
• Added Dutch localization - by Gerrit Vanoppen (
• Added Czech localization - by Zoltan Levai.
• Updated Spanish localization - by Rodrigo Fernandez-Romero (
• Updated Italian localization - by Claudio (
• For translators: No more need to edit NIB files to localize UNO. All strings are now parsed from the "Localizable.strings" file and rich text found in "Info" panel is retrieved from a localized "ReadMe" file.
• Toolbar items  selected items is now properly shown in UNO installer.

• Fixed the GUI glitch of window headers in all UNO variations (some parts where not themed in vertical tabs) in applications like PalmDesktop.
• Fixed the "long-standing" QuickTime bottom corners glitch (were showing white artifacts).
• New truly consistent (*) General Appearance (Blue/Graphite) and Highlight Color (Blue/Graphite/Red/Gold, etc...) options can be set within UNO and are reflected in Live Preview. UNO respects your current Appearance option as set in System Preferences and shows accordingly at launch. (*) We say consistent because, unlike the System Preferences Appearance Option, if User selects Graphite look in UNO the Finder sidebar selection, User PrefPane selection, Mail, Safari, QuickTime, iTunes, etc, will be actually Graphite.
• The General Appearance option popup selector acts like a master key: When User selects Blue or Graphite all other related option (apps skins) will be set accordingly (User can then change the skins individually).
• New option: iTunes skin (for version 7.1 and later) fully Aquified (even bottom buttons and LCD display) with square bottom window corners reaching perfect UNO integration. iTunes skin is available in UNO Blue, UNO Graphite, UNO Shade Blue and UNO Shade Graphite. - Thanks to Gerrit Vanoppen.
• New option: Preview UNO skin, mixable with UNO or UNO Shade window texture. - By Gerrit Vanoppen.
• New option: Safari skins available in Blue and Graphite variations, mixable with UNO or UNO Shade window texture. - By Gerrit Vanoppen.
• New option: Apple Mail skins available in Blue and Graphite variations, mixable with UNO or UNO Shade window texture. - By Gerrit Vanoppen.
• New option: QuickTime skins available in Blue and Graphite variations, mixable with UNO or UNO Shade window texture - By Gerrit Vanoppen.



UNO is FREE and will ever be. But if you like it and can afford it, please consider to support UNO's development with a small donation.

Thank You.


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