iTunes 7.1 and New UNO
Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Good news / Bad news / Better news 

Good news:
The good news is that Apple's development department has done a good work regarding this update to Apple iTunes application, delivering more speed (probably due to better code optimization).

Bad news:
The bad news (some of you may have noticed already) is that the current version of UNO is not compatible with Apple iTunes version 7.1.

If UNO 1.3.2 is installed over iTunes 7.1, your iTunes installation will render unusable.
If you have this problem, please reinstall iTunes after installing UNO.

Sorry for this inconvenient.

If you're experience problems reinstalling iTunes getting a message from iTunes installer saying something like "There is Nothing to install", please proceed as follows:
- Delete from Application folder.
- Deleted the files named "iTunesX.pkg" and "iTunes.pkg" found under the folder "/Library/Receipts/".
- Reinstall iTunes 7.1

Better news:
All-new UNO is coming! (keep reading for details)

The better news is that UNO is at the final state of a major rewrite.

The new UNO features a completely new installer UI;
Better security routines making UNO much safer and more reliable due to file integrity checks;
Some "Long-standing" glitches like the QuickTime bottom corners are fixed!
Ability to browse for applications location when not found in the default location;
And much, much more!

Still, the major additions to the new version of UNO will remain secret for now.
We can only advance that it is related to new options and fixes other fields of Mac OS X inconsistence.

Oh, and iTunes 7.1 support, for sure...

Stay tuned on the upcoming UNO!



UNO is FREE and will ever be. But if you like it and can afford it, please consider to support UNO's development with a small donation.

Thank You.


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