UNO 1.3.2 Released!
Saturday, 04 November 2006

UNO 1.3.2UNO is updated to version 1.3.2!

Some of you asked, and here it is: iTunes 6 support is back!

iTunes 7 is now fully "Aquified". 

UI glitch fixes, more localizations... 

UNO app will use near 80% less space on your hard drive now!


 What's new in UNO 1.3.2:

-   Fixed an UI issue on utility windows like Fonts, Color, etc (title bar was not themed). 

-   iTunes 7 is now fully Aqua (thanks to Paul Barlow - 

-   Re-added iTunes 6 support (6.0.2 or later).

- file size reduced by near 80% (by internal compression).

-   Added Spanish localization (thanks to Rodrigo Fernández-Romero -

-   Added German localization (thanks to Andre Hoffmann -

-   Added Chinese localization (thanks to Jimmy Ti).

-   Added Portuguese localization.

-   Updated to UniversalDocument 1.1.

-   Several code level optimizations.  


UNO is FREE and will ever be. But if you like it and can afford it, please consider to support UNO's development with a small donation.

Thank You.


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