Saturday, 24 March 2007

• UNO is now Universal Binary (ready for Intel/PPC architecture based Macs) - thanks to Colin Cornaby for Extras2Extras2.
• Introduced UNO shade (a slightly darker variation of UNO).
• New customize panel with live preview (it is now possible to, optionally, assign any variation of UNO and/or the default Aqua UI look to diferent GUI elements. Overall GUI contrast can be achieved by mixing UNO with UNO shade).
• Added "guifix", a troubleshooting restore option ála ThemeChanger's "tcfix". (If something goes wrong, press "command + s" during boot to enter single user mode and enter "guifix" at prompt. "guifix" will check you disks for errors, fix them if any, restore your GUI files from backup and reboot.)
• Uninstall should now be fail-proof. Added "Uninstall" in addition to "Restore from Backup".
• Merged iTuno with UNO (UNO concept is now ONE download).
• UNO is rebuild against new UI resources file (requires Mac OS X 10.4.4 or later).
• Changed OS version check method (some Tiger systems upgraded from Panther were being miss identified as 10.3).
• Added iTunes version check (requires iTunes 6.0.2 or later).
• Fixed iTunes bottom corners - thanks to Ephica (were a bit jagged).
• Added compatibility with Firefox 1.5.x and Thunderbird 1.5.x.
• Refined unified toolbar gradient.
• Reduced Spotlight and Apple menu items size by 20%.
• Enhanced UNO integration with Firefox to be more compatible with 3º party themes - thanks to Aronnax.
• Reduced the slightly dimmed title text on some metal windows (reduced, not fixed).
• Fixed a tone mismatch between text background and window background (was notorious at iTunes advanced preferences panel; WorkStrip about panel; ...).
• Fixed a glitch found on metal drawers (a horizontal gradient overlay was present).
• Added Install, Uninstall, Restore from Backup, Remove guifix and More Info menu items.
• Other minor installer enhancements.

• New installer.
• Owner, Group and Permissions are now more properly set.
• No more need to run UNO from the DMG (fixed an issue that would prevent UNO from running correctly if there were spaces in UNO path).
• Fixed a bug that whould prevent UNO from applying Firefox and Thunderbird skin if there were spaces in Home's path.
• Mozzila application's files and directories changed by UNO get correct permissions now (user was unable to create new profiles).
• New unique unified toolbar gradient rendering technique (allowing many bug fixes not listed here).
• Refined unified toolbar gradient.
• Dialog windows and TextEdit unified toolbar shows now a slightly more sunken gradient.
• Fixed Safari tabs glitch (were white, very notorious after Mac OS X 10.4.3 update), without loosing toolbar gradient on metal windows.
• Fixed Safari tabs loading progress indicator (was showing white background if the tab was not on focus).
• Fixed Safari "long standing" Bookmarks window bug (was showing repeated white horizontal artifact).
• Fixed Safari Downloads window glicth (was showing repeated white horizontal artifact at the window bottom).
• Fixed some glitches on Java applications windows.
• Fixed Adobe Illustrator toolbar glitch (bottom line of small modal titlebar was missing on caps).
• iTuno installer updated.

• Mozilla Firefox is now unified.
• Mozilla Thunderbird is now unified.
• iTuno (UNO for iTunes 6) separated to it's own download (for fast update & ThemeChanger users access).
• UNO with default root menu bar available.

• Installer/uninstaller redesigned.
• iTuno (UNO for iTunes 5.0.1).
• Merged root menu bar with UNO look&feel.
• DLTA version for ThemeChanger.
• Added Known Issues to ReadMe.

• Fixed Safari Bookmarks bar (white line appearing in large windows on high resolution monitors).
• Reduced menus transparency from 10% to 5% (for usability).
• Other minor pixel level adjustments.

• Fixed iChat (when not connected window) and QuickTime (not showing window title) issues.
• Added 10% of transparency to menus.
• Changed menu selected color to fit root menu color.
• Fixed white drag corners (was very notorious on Word).

• Initial release. 


UNO is FREE and will ever be. But if you like it and can afford it, please consider to support UNO's development with a small donation.

Thank You.


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