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UNO 1.2 Released
Tuesday, 08 November 2005

UNO 1.2 fixes all Safari glitchs!

New installer!

And more.. 


- New installer.- Owner, Group and Permissions are now more properly set.
- No more need to run UNO from the DMG (fixed an issue that would prevent UNO from running correctly if there were spaces in UNO path).

- Fixed a bug that whould prevent UNO from applying Firefox and Thunderbird skin if there were spaces in Home's path.

- Mozzila application's files and directories changed by UNO get correct permissions now (user was unable to create new profiles).

- New unique unified toolbar gradient rendering technique (allowing many bug fixes not listed here).

- Refined unified toolbar gradient.

- Dialog windows and TextEdit unified toolbar shows now a slightly more sunken gradient.

- Fixed Safari tabs glitch (were white, very notorious after Mac OS X 10.4.3 update), without loosing toolbar gradient on metal windows.

- Fixed Safari tabs loading progress indicator (was showing white background if the tab was not on focus).

- Fixed Safari "long standing" Bookmarks window bug (was showing repeated white horizontal artifact).

- Fixed Safari Downloads window glicth (was showing repeated white horizontal artifact at the window bottom).

- Fixed some glitches on Java applications windows.

- Fixed Adobe Illustrator toolbar glitch (bottom line of small modal titlebar was missing on caps).

- iTuno installer updated. 


UNO is FREE and will ever be. But if you like it and can afford it, please consider to support UNO's development with a small donation.

Thank You.


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