MacIntel Scape
Sunday, 12 March 2006

Intel Core DuoUNO devlopment is dependent of other technologies. It is build with XCode and ThemePark.
Unfortunately , at this time, ThemePark is not able (yet) to edit the new intel based OSX resources files. As far as we know Jason is working on it.

This is the main reason why there isn't yet an Intel compatible version.

As soon as this is possible, UNO will move forward.

Thank you.

UNO @ a vos MAC Magazine
Wednesday, 15 February 2006

aVosMac Magazine

UNO has been reviewed by the a vos MAC (Le magazine des astuces pour Macintosh et des logiciels open-source) France based Magazine February 2006 issue.

Thanks to Damien Terrier. 

MacOS X 10.4.4 & iTunes 6.0.2
Wednesday, 11 January 2006

UNO 1.2 still working fine with MacOS X 10.4.4.

Please re-install UNO.
iTuno is updated to be compatible with iTunes 6.0.2.

Please note: iTunes 6.0.2 only!
Please re-download and re-install iTuno.

Thank you. 

UNO @ MacFormat Magazine
Sunday, 01 January 2006

MacFormat Magazine UNO has been reviewed by Future Publishing's MacFormat UK based Magazine January 2006 issue , and bundled on the cover CD as well.

Thanks to Becky Collier.

Happy New Year! 

UNO 1.2 Released
Tuesday, 08 November 2005

UNO 1.2 fixes all Safari glitchs!

New installer!

And more.. 

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UNO is FREE and will ever be. But if you like it and can afford it, please consider to support UNO's development with a small donation.

Thank You.


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